The Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Mordecai M. Kaplan (1881-1983) was one of the most influential Jewish thinkers of the 20th century. We believe that his thought may be even more important in the 21st century.

Conference Video Archive

Welcomes and Plenary I: Biographies of Peoplehood

Plenary 2: The Price of Peoplehood: Philanthropy, Tzedakah, and Resource Distribution

Plenary 3: Dissent and Peoplehood

Plenary 4: Inclusions and Exclusions in Jewish Peoplehood

Plenary 5: Expressions of Jewish Peoplehood

Roundtable: Genes and Jewish Peoplehood

Roundtable: Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Alternative Sites of Peoplehood

Roundtable: Marriage, Partnership, and Conversion

Workshop: Race and Judaism in the Classroom

Roundtable: Zion, Diaspora, and Problems of Jewish Peoplehood

Roundtable: Affording Peoplehood

The Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood

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