Educational Possibilities for Lifelong Spirituality & God Connection

“Lifelong Spirituality and God Connection invites both experienced and new educators to reapproach how they explore God with learners. The collection brings together old and new resources that complement each other, all guided by values of spirituality, lifelong learning, and God connection. As an aspiring chaplain, the collection inspired me to think about how I can bring sacred learning to the people I serve, and how I can be open to the teachings they offer me.”

Rabbi Rachel Davidson


“I am a Reconstructionist because I believe Reconstructionism provides the best framework for rooting oneself in Jewish tradition and at the same time meeting the needs of contemporary times with creativity. Thus, it feels both “old” and “new” at the same time. Life-Long Spirituality and God Connection is a perfect reflection of a Reconstructionist approach to Jewish education—both rooted in timeless truths and the urgency of the moment. Community leaders and educators will benefit from the frameworks provided in this volume for providing education for all ages.”

Rabbi Seth Goldstein


I found the framing on the teaching triangle relationship between student, teacher and engaging content particularly generative, reminding me to invest in myself to continually ask, what is engaging content for myself, my teachers and our students.

There is a breadth and depth of resources for god-talk with learners of all ages. This collection is a creative and lovely reminder that engaging with spirituality at all ages is exciting and meaningful work.

Alana Krivo Kaufman, rabbinical student


There is a richness in the descriptions and understandings about how children develop spiritual connections. The texts that stand as starting places and the added perspectives of the  voices in the commentary only make the experience fuller. They allow the reader to feel as if they too are part of the conversation, able to absorb and then grow from the wisdom present.

Catherine Carmel, Education Director