21st Century Kaplanian Educational Innovation Garden

In tandem with the Dan Cedarbaum Prize in Jewish Education, the Kaplan Center is pleased to launch a garden of Kaplanian educational innovations.

Would Mordecai Kaplan be likely to smile at your innovation? 

Watch this two minute video about our 21st century Kaplanian vision of Jewish education. Note Kaplan’s beaming smile at the end.  

He may in fact be smiling at an idea we can say is broadly “Kaplanian in spirit” and “innovative in educational character.” Enjoy Kaplanesque resources we have already gathered.

Share a resource to jeffrey@kaplancenter.org if you think it might evoke such a smile of approval suggesting how we might make Jewish learning and living better.

Kaplan was a person of limited patience and demanded conceptual and programmatic clarity. So your contribution should be 200 words or less. You may, however, include supporting audio or visual links.   

We will be inviting other educators to view your contributions and be in touch with you if they have questions or would like to replicate aspects of your experiment in their communities. That’s how we go from a seed to a flower to a garden.