The Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Mordecai M. Kaplan (1881-1983) was one of the most influential Jewish thinkers of the 20th century. We believe that his thought may be even more important in the 21st century.

Upcoming Education Programs


A Holistic Portrait of 21st Century Kaplanian Jewish Education

The third program in our series Towards a 21st Century Kaplanian Vision of Jewish Education.

Wednesday, May 12th 3:00-4:45pm EST (2:00-3:45pm CST)

We will explore the contemporary ramifications of Kaplan’s teaching that,

Jewish educational endeavor which confines itself to formal schooling and the teaching of texts is foredoomed to failure. If it is to achieve desirable and permanent results, it must reach the child not only from the intellectual angle, but from many angles besides.(Judaism as a Civilization, page 491)

Featuring Rabbi Barbara Penzner, Rabbi Isaac Saposnik, Rabbi Jeff Eisenstat,

Rabbi Hugh Seid Valencia, Hillary Pinsker-Engler & Dr. Deborah Schein

To attend this free program, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Schein.

Life Long Spirituality and God Connection: A Conference

Thursday, June 10th,  3:00-5:00pm EST (4:00-6:00pm CST)

Featuring Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Dr. Deborah Schein, Rabbi Seth Goldstein,

Catherine Carmel & Alana Krivo-Kaufman

Co-sponsored by Reconstructing Judaism, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association,

& Reconstructionist Educators of North America

Register in advance for this program.

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