• Mordecai M. Kaplan (1881-1983) was one of the most influential Jewish thinkers of the 20th century.  We believe that his thought may be even more important in the 21st century.

Select 21st Century Jewish Educational Resources that are Kaplanian at the P'shat Level

Peshat (פְּשָׁט) is the simple, surface meaning. These materials are straight-forward, explicitly articulating what they wish to teach you.

Peshat פְּשָׁט - when rabbis or educators try to directly apply a Kaplanian idea. For example, structuring a curriculum in a civilizational way, layering one civilization upon the other as they trace the evolution of key Jewish ideas and practices; Another example would be explicitly teaching a non-supernatural understanding of God.

Frequently Asked Questions of Reconstructionist Educators by Rabbi Moti Rieber, Rabbi Shai Gluskin and Dr. Jeffrey Schein


Biography of Mordecai Kaplan (5th - 9th grades) by Rabbi Lewis Eron