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For Shavuot: How is each act of creativity a revelation of the divine? Our latest contemporary Talmud page offers commentary by artists and teachers on creativity and revelation.

Visit Reconstructing Judaism to explore the way Kaplan’s influence has become woven deeply into the fabric of a major North American Jewish movement .

Our 21st Century Kaplanian vision of Jewish Education unfolds…

Kaplanian Scholarship

Looking to deepen your knowledge of Mordecai Kaplan’s life and philosophy?  Meet a great companion guide in the form of Mel Scult’s annotated bibliography and read scholarly articles about Kaplan.

Kaplanian Voices

Jane Susswein & Christa Rapoport

An interview with Jane Susswein, Kaplan Center President, and Christa Rapoport, a member of her congregation…

Our Kaplanian voices series seeks to sensitize us to the unique ways many of us experience the very notion of Peoplehood  in 2023.

Our next two recordings for Kaplanian Voices will dive into what the notion of peoplehood is like for Jews of color and LBGQT Jews

Caitlin Hayes & Emmett

Peoplehood: One Word, Many Experiences 
Caitlin Hayes, Kaplan Center board member, explores the contemporary intricacies of Jewish Peoplehood with Emmett, a friend and fellow Jewish journeyer


Kaplan, Creativity & the Arts

with Rabbi Adina Allen, Joanne Fink, Elizheva Hurvich, and Rabbi Margie Jacobs

January 29, 2023

Add to the conversation by posting your creative project.

Kaplan and Hebrew

with Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde, Rabbi Helen Plotkin, Professor Vardit Ringvalt, and Earl Schwartz

February 26, 2023

Kaplan and Israel: A New, New Zionism

with Rabbis Michael Cohen, Barbara Penzner, Gail Shuster-Bouskila, Dennis Sasso, and Dr. Shlomi Ravid

April 23, 2023

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