As we begin a new Jewish year, The Kaplan Center is pleased to share the latest features of our website including:

Upcoming Webinars

A Three-Part Series in Honor of the 40th Yahrzeit of Mordecai Kaplan
and the 90th Anniversary of Judaism as a Civilization

What Remains Revelatory in the 21st Century in Mordecai Kaplan’s Thought?

with Drs. Arnie Eisen, David Ellenson, and Nancy Fuchs Kreimer

Sunday, November 12, 2023

3 pm Eastern

The Hanukkah Gift to the Jewish People and World that Keeps on Giving

with Drs. Elias Sacks and Deborah Waxman

Sunday, December 10, 2023

3 pm Eastern

The Great Kaplanian Report Card: Valley Beth Shalom as a Kaplanian Playground

with Rabbis Amy Bernstein, Ed Feinstein, and Jeffrey Schein

Sunday, January 7, 2023

3 pm Eastern

Visit our newly opened Ira Eisenstein portal where you will find….

  • Introductions by Rabbi Richard Hirsh to Ira Eisenstein’s books Creative Judaism and What We Mean by Religion with digital copies of those currently out-of-print volumes soon to be made available on our website
  • Reflections about Ira Eisenstein as theologian and wise leader by Rabbis Dennis Sasso and Jeffrey Schein
  • A recording of Rabbi Eisenstein’s contributions that was hosted by the SAJ:Judaism that Stands For All as part of its centenary celebration

Israel is on all of our minds and in our conversations these days.

Here is a link to how that dialogue played out for the Kaplan Center and its followers in July in a conference focused on Kaplan, Democracy, and Zionism dedicated to the memory of Jack Cohen.

Be sure to look for a follow-up dialogue as one of our Talmud pages before Rosh Hashana.

Our 21st Century Kaplanian vision of Jewish Education unfolds…

Kaplanian Scholarship

Looking to deepen your knowledge of Mordecai Kaplan’s life and philosophy?  

Dr. Mel Scult on Kaplan’s Understanding of Naturalistic Prayer

Visit Reconstructing Judaism to explore the way Kaplan’s influence has become woven deeply into the fabric of a major North American Jewish movement.

Kaplanian Voices

Our Kaplanian voices series seeks to sensitize us to the unique ways many of us experience the very notion of Peoplehood  in 2023.

Drs. Henry Morris & Jeffrey Schein

A Yom Kippur reflection

Dr. Mel Scult

A Sukkot-themed addition to our series

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

On being a lifelong Kaplanian

Jane Susswein & Christa Rapoport

Caitlin Hayes & Emmett

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