“The belief in the supernatural revelation of the Torah should be equated  with the function of enabling man to achieve salvation. Stated in modern terms, that belief means that  Jewish civilization should help the Jew achieve perfection  shelymut ha–enoshi [heb. human perfection] and realize his highest potentialities or attain salvation.”  (1938, Kaplan diary).

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Daniel Cedarbaum


Meet Rabbis Bec Richman and Michelle Greenfield, our two recipients of the Dan Cedarbaum Prize in Jewish Education. Also see the first “blooms” of our 21st Century Kaplanian Innovation Garden.


Coming soon- Eric Caplan on Revaluation and Transvaluation

Check out this new feature- a conversation around a “text” in the form of a Talmud page


Here you will find resources for the Jewish future, supporting  you in imagining your own Jewishness and the story of Judaism writ large as a work in progress with new chapters for you to write. 

The Dan Cedarbaum Prizes and the Innovation Garden are part of our 21st Century Kaplanian Vision for Jewish Education project.  Understand better the rationale for the vision through this video:

Looking to deepen your knowledge of Mordecai Kaplan’s life and philosophy?   Meet a great companion guide in the form of Mel Scult’s newly published bibliography

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Dan Cedarbaum, z”l

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