Innovation Garden

The Mordecai Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood is excited to announce the two recipients of the Dan Cedarbaum prize in Jewish Education…

Rabbi Michelle Greenfield from Kol Tzedek Synagogue in Philadelphia, Kol Tzedek Hebrew and Tefillah Curriculum, a project engaging children in producing liturgy that reflects the pluralism and diversity of the Jewish community

Rabbi Bec Richman, whose B’Yadeinu Monthly Makers project establishes a new center for Jewish growth  in Cleveland Heights, Ohio incorporating meditation, music, and art

In addition to our two recipients of the Dan Cedarbaum Prize, we have placed fourteen other projects in our 21st-century Kaplanian Innovation garden. We found the work suggested in each of these projects to be creative and worthy of further support. We have thus given them a $250 Kaplan Center innovation award. Later in the summer, you will find fuller descriptions of these projects and links to allow educators, rabbis, and lay leaders to explore the ways of thinking embedded in each. 

Mural of Living Values

Jewish World History Through the Arts

Repair & Remedy

Sharing the Havurah Shalom Family Cooperative Jewish Education Model

Jewish Artist of the Week

Chutzpod Podcast

Tikun Ha’Ir (Repairing the City): An Immersive Project in Hunger and Homelessness

Returning to the Well

The Deep Dive

The Stolen Beam: A study of Reparations for Descendants of Enslaved Africans in the U.S.


Jewish Studio Process Community of Practice

Reconstructionist Online Hebrew Program

Introduction to Peoplehood – An Interactive Course