The Deep Dive

Primary Contact: Eliana Light

Welcome to The Light Lab: Transformative T’fillah, Together 

Our mission is to make Jewish liturgy and prayer practice accessible and meaningful to all seekers.

Through our gatherings, programs, podcast, and collaborations, we unlock the transformative power of tefillah to strengthen our spiritual cores and revitalize our communities. 

We envision a future where tefillah inspires, comforts, and empowers us towards Oneness and a healed world. 

Learn more about our T’fillahsophy here.

The Light Lab was founded by Eliana Light, a Jewish educator with 10+ years of experience translating t’fillah, spirituality, and g?d-language for all ages and stages. Learn more about Eliana’s professional development offerings here.

Listen to our flagship offering, the Light Lab Podcast! Episodes come out every other Thursday. 

We’ve got expansive explorations of liturgy with co-hosts Eliana Light, Cantor Ellen Dreskin, and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, and interviews with teachers, t’fillah leaders, and others in the spiritual space (past guests include Rabbi Steve Sager, Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Daphna Rosenberg of Nava Tehila, and Rabbi Deborah Sacks MIntz of Hadar). Plus, our detailed show notes enhance the learning experience even more. 

Bring the Light Lab to your community for programs (in person or virtual) that engage, enlighten, and inspire:

  • The Deep Dive- Whether in services or teaching, we often rush through our liturgy. So let’s slow down. Through the Light Lab methodology of chevruta study, singing, and personal reflection, we’ll take one gem of our liturgy and raise it to the light. What do our ancestors have to say to us right now? What does our own soul yearn to say? In this safe and supportive environment, let’s dive deep, open our hearts, and move from liturgy to prayer. 
  • The Light Lab Podcast, Live! – Go “behind the scenes” and host your very own episode of the Light Lab Podcast, right in your very own zoom! Whether a round-table with the hosts, or an interview with your clergy, educators, or guests, it’s an exciting new way to learn together. Live chat and q&a offer even more interaction. Plus, your synagogue or organization will be named as a sponsor of the episode upon its release! 
  • s*ngs ab-ut g?d: a divine musical exploration- What does “God” mean to you? How has that changed over the course of your life? How can music help us explore these big questions in our communities? And why do these questions matter? Through soulful, playful original songs rooted in sacred texts and personal story, we will sing, explore, and wrestle with g?d together. 
  • Real Talk with the Universe: A Prayer-As-Poetry Workshop (with co-teacher Alexander Nemser). When we encounter our liturgy as poetry, we can allow its language to resonate with depth and possibility; when we approach our prayer-practice with mindfulness, we can align our intention to connect with the details of our breath, body and heart. Using these techniques, plus wisdom gleaned from Judaism and contemporary poetry, we’ll dive into a prayer, ritual, or holiday of your choice. We invite you to open to an authentic experience of prayer in a new way: to write, to breathe, to learn, and to open your imagination to soulful possibilities. 
  • rise&shine online- What if instead of singing our prayers, we could dance them? rise&shine is an immersive, embodied, heart-centered journey through the liturgy, expertly guided and lovingly curated. Put on your headphones and let the house beats open your soul to joy.  

Additionally, Eliana has over 8 years of experience as an artist in residence, combining prayer leadership, concerts, consulting, and learning at all levels. 

To learn more about artist-in-residence shabbatot, t’fillah consulting, or any of the programs listed here, contact us at

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