Kaplanian Voices

Kaplan and Camp

Rabbis Jeffrey Eisenstat, founding director of our movement’s Camp Havaya, and former camp counselors about their initial exposures to the philosophies of Mordecai Kaplan a decade ago and its present meaning to them as young adult Jews in their thirties.

Caitlin Hayes & Emmett

Peoplehood: One Word, Many Experiences 
Caitlin Hayes, Kaplan Center board member, explores the contemporary intricacies of Jewish Peoplehood with Emmett, a friend and fellow Jewish journeyer.

Jane Susswein & Christa Rapoport

Our next two recordings for Kaplanian Voices will dive into what the notion of peoplehood is like for Jews of color and LBGQT Jews. First up is an interview with Jane Susswein, Kaplan Center President, and a member of her congregation…

Dr. Mel Scult & Rabbi Hillel Cohn

Two Sukkot themed additions to our Kaplanian Voices series 

A Yom Kippur Reflection

A dialogue between Drs. Henry Morris and Jeffrey Schein about reflective challenges in the digital age.

Please accept this recording as a Yom Kippur gift of critical reflection from the Kaplan Center.