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  • Tikun Ha’Ir (Repairing the City): An Immersive Project in Hunger and Homelessness

    Primary Contact: Pam Sommerspam.sommers@adatshalom.netAdat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation Though it’s impossible to thoroughly simulate what it’s like to worry about where your next meal is coming from, or where you will sleep at night, the Tikkun Ha’Ir Immersive Project in Hunger and Homelessness seeks to have its participants experience, as well as examine and discuss these […]

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  • Mural of Jewish Living Values

    Primary Contact: Eric Schulmillercantoreric@rsns.org The inspiration for this project began when our congregation undertook a capital campaign to raise money to renovate and refurbish our sanctuary and adjacent spaces. Our community placed a high value on creating spaces which would engender participation and belonging, and to that end, one of the additional rooms that was […]

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  • The Stolen Beam: A Study of Reparations for Descendants of Enslaved Africans in the U.S.

    Primary Contacts:Jeffrey Devorah PDF of Stolen Beam In what ways is the Stolen Beam “Kaplanian in spirit?” Working for social justice was an essential part of Kaplan’s vision. “The Jewish religion,” he wrote, “should articulate and urge upon us those values which would impel us to utilize our abilities and our opportunities both […]

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  • God is Here Book Club


    from Mel Scult’s Mordecai Kaplan Facebook page Kaplan famously stated that religion in general and Judaism in particular was a matter of “belonging, believing and behaving.” In the late forties he was in Los Angeles working to raise money for the proposed “University of Judaism”. In a talk to about forty writers, musicians and artists […]

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  • God and the Digital Age

    Text Me, and a Powerful Poem Later this summer the volume Text Me: Ancient Jewish Wisdom Meets Contemporary Technology (Jewish Resources for Understanding, Embracing, and Challenging our Evolving Digital Identity) will be published by Hamilton Press.  I have shared with readers of the Kaplan Center website in an earlier column the ways in which the project seems […]

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