The reader of our website may have noticed in the past  across the top of our homepage the columns of belonging, behaving, and believing.  We sincerely apologize to our readers for the incomplete view of Jewish life these three even taken together. The deepest layers of Jewish identity and meaning making derive from the fourth B and the power of becoming.

Announcing then our critical fourth portal: Becoming. This is the dynamism of our Jewishness and “Judaism” being a work in progress.  Newness and creativity all its hallmark.  In the dropdowns, you will see courtesy of Mel Scult a short facebook post about the origins of this fourth B in Kaplan’s notion of creativity.  You will also find a link to a Kaplan bibliography for our readers interested in becoming better educated Kaplanians.  A short biography of Mordecai Kaplan by Rabbi Lewis Eron invites children (and the child in all of us) to imagine Jewish life in a new way as the ultimate Kaplanian gift appears.  An article by Jeffrey Schein lays out the “becoming nature” of a growing educator and the spirituality of peoplehood.  A page from the newsletter of the Jewish Reconstructionist congregation of Cleveland Kol HaLev illustrates using the four b’s as a guiding concept. 

More resources are being gathered for this dropdown and we invite our readers to direct any they have found useful to