Education Colloquium: Dr. Bill Robinson

Will The Real Mordecai Kaplan Please Stand Up?

Monday, April 19, 2021 3:00pm EST

Dr. Bill Robinson will reflect on how his thinking about Kaplan and Virtue Ethics has continued to evolve since our initial program on January 6, 2021.

Dr. Eric Caplan will augment our discussion of Kaplan and Virtue Ethics by guiding us beyond Judaism as a Civilization (1934) to The Future of the American Jew (1948).

Sue Penn, Director of Education at University Synagogue, will explore with us, “What would our ethical stance look like if it emerged out of the practice of Jewish education rather than theory?”

To attend this free program, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Schein.

Please enjoy this recording of our first colloquium with Dr. Robinson on January 6, 2021 program.

For your convenience, here are notes summarizing the conversation as well as a transcript of messages posted in the chat during this program. Finally here are key questions that emerged during conversation.

In advance of that program, participants were asked to read a draft of Dr. Robinson’s upcoming chapter about Kaplan’ educational vision. The chapter is referenced throughout the conversation. Please contact Dr. Jeffrey Schein if you wish to review that preliminary document.