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Joseph Reimer In my recent book, Making Shabbat, I tell the story of the Schoolmans, founders of Cejwin Camp. There were Jewish camps before Cejwin, but the Schoolmans created the first intentional Jewish camp: a space for campers and staff to actively engage their Judaism. The Schoolmans were disciples of Mordechai Kaplan. Intentional Jewish camping […]

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 Right is Might 

As we prepare to begin our reading of the Book of Exodus at a time of war and conflict these two reflections by Mel Scult on Kaplan’s views of might and right seem particularly contemporary. From Mordecai Kaplan: What can be plainer than that the following indicates what the Exodus meant to Israel: “And for […]

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Additional Commentaries From Rabbi Bob Gluck Givat Haviva, Israel and a vision of a shared society, in light of Mordecai Kaplan’s teachings.Maybe it is precisely during times when peace between Jews and Palestinians seems most distant and unattainable that it is most essential for us to maintain a long view. As difficult as this may […]

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