Book a Garden Tour

Dear Educator, 

It was in a cave that Plato laid out the vision behind his philosophy and also in a cave that Shimon Bar Yohai began to create the great text of mystical tradition, the Zohar. 

The cave here is the prozdor (corridor) leading you to our 21st-Century Kaplanian Innovation Garden. We invite you to the Garden. We are glad to be your melavim (faithful partners and guides) and provide a guided tour. 

The innovators in the Garden all began by locating their educational vision within the broad goals for Jewish education outlined by Mordecai Kaplan in Judaism as a Civilization

_____ Appreciation of Hebrew language and literature 

_____ Participation in the life of the synagogue 

_____ Putting Jewish values and ethics into action 

_____ Creating role models of living creatively in both civilizations 

_____ Enrich Jewish living through the Jewish arts 

Let us know which two goals are your compass for educational vision and we will be more than glad to set up an appointment for a stroll in the Garden. Please fill out this form to express interest for a tour at a mutually convenient time.

-Jeffrey and Karen