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  • Praying in a Kaplanian Mode at Sukkot

    by Sue Penn, Director of Innovation   Responsive Reading after Avodah:   We Cannot Merely Pray   We cannot merely pray to God to end war; For the world was made in such a way That we must find our own path of peace Within ourselves and with our neighbor. We cannot merely pray to…

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  • A Meditation for Sukkot 5775

    by Mel Scult Sukkot is a richly symbolic holiday. Ordinarily we say that dwelling in booths like our ancestors in the desert reminds us of our vulnerability. But there are other possible meanings. Mordecai Kaplan, the radical socialist, proposed that in the desert everyone was equal. Everyone dwelt in booths, no rich and no poor.…

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  • by Mel Scult One of Kaplan’s favorite verses, almost a mantra for him, is from Psalm 34. Verse 9 reads “Ta’amu u’reu ki tov Adonai”. The JPS translation is accurate: “Taste and see how good the Lord is.” In my conversations with Kaplan in the 1970’s, he repeated this verse often. “Taste God” – what…

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